Monday, August 22, 2005

Sometimes I'd like to skip Sundays

I went with my daughter to a church function in a local park last night. It was a fun event; they were giving away bikes, backpacks and clothes to low-income schoolkids, and Char sang and performed some dramas with the youth ministry team. There were even a few dance numbers.

I may just spend a lot of time with "churchy" people, since my daughter's involved with youth ministry and my grandfather is a pastor. But it seems that whenever I go to one of these things, people come up with all sorts of annoying things to say and do. These are actual examples from a two hour time period:
  • A guy told me he was "led by the LORD" to bless me by giving me an ugly cookie jar.
  • A lady assumed I was deaf, since I was sitting near the ASL interpreter.
  • A guy assumed I knew a friend of his, just because the friend also has disabilities.

Incidentally, I heard these two comments, as well:
  • "I'd rather teach in a black school, because in a black school I can pray, I can talk about Jesus. Nobody says anything..."
  • On being introduced to a young man who recently moved to our area from Ghana: "Oh, do you know Pastor X.? (the young man gives her a puzzled look) Oh, well, er, I think Pastor X. used to be an ambassador to Ghana for our President."

Now, I know these people can't really be idiots, and I know they mean well. I also know that I won't get more than one annoying moment out of a whole day, if I'm just walking around the park with the general public.

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