Thursday, August 07, 2003

Iron Maiden won't suck!

In today's update at Melodic Rock Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden has eloquently distilled a true musician's take on the file sharing debate.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Stryper on tour in October 2003! -STRYPER is Back! Yes, the fathers of Christian metal are officially reuniting to tour. Talk of this has been buzzing around since Cornerstone 2001; the spirit and enthusiasm shown by fans and insiders over that reunion set was a testament to God's use of their ministry. What is especially exciting to me is remembering the cautious optimism I heard from Tim standing next to the stage that blistering July day as he told me about it. I will never again see STRYPER simply as God's gift to me and their other fans-- STRYPER is God's ministry through Robert, Tim, Oz, and Michael, their crew, their families. When the band is successful, the people in and around the band prosper and are blessed. I'll be thrilled to see STRYPER live again-- but I'm also thrilled to see the opportunity arise for the ministry and its people to be blessed.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Wheelz Life Notes Is Grey today!!!

doesn't seem to be healthy today-- that's my template etc. If it doesn't heal up by tomorrow, I will have to dig into this and colorize things. Meantime.... sorry for the mess!
Char's in her room alone, listening to Michael Sweet's eponymous solo album-- a Cd I introduced her to, an artist she associates with me and my life. I won't deny it-- I feel like the music is a hug from her to me. It's surprizing how much that reflection of my own influence means-- I feel like a baloon floating on it.