Saturday, August 07, 2004

Okay so I checked already, and my article isn't up yet. I can't wait! I hope everybody procrastinates long enough that it's there when they check. (I wish I had.)

Friday, August 06, 2004

M. Night Shyamalan is my age, and he's made at least four movies.

Now I know I'm kind of a procrastinator, but did they put this guy on that huge budget for The Sixth Sense before he was legal to buy beer? I guess I'm more over the hill than I thought.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Md. Woman Crowned Ms. Wheelchair America
Associated Press Online - Top News
August 1, 2004Juliette Rizzo of Maryland was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2005 on Saturday, beating out contestants from 24 other states and the nation's capital for the right to represent...was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2005 on Saturday,... "

Don't Block MY vote

Local elections are today-- we have a senior citizens' Service millage and a library millage on our ballot. I'll be going over to cast my vote today, but I dread it-- the very sweet volunteers in my small town always make a loud production of finding me a private place to complete my ballot, because we don't have a wheelchair-accessible voting machine. I will grit my teeth and abide it, because I refuse to let frustration and embarrassment disenfranchise me. But looking over Don' and learning about the Help America Vote Act has me thinking I could be Changing it instead....

Monday, August 02, 2004

Wardrobe adventures

Lots of shopping this weekend-- My clothes had gone completely ragged, so I took the opportunity of a good check at work to buy some new things. I found a lot of jeans and bottoms, but I only found a couple of tops I really liked, which ended up with me wearing an ancient sweater shell and jacket with new pants today.

The most difficult purchase of all, though, was cologne. I'm completely enamored of fragrance lately, and would have been perfectly happy with Shalimar or Givenchy Organza. But it turns out that M. is very picky about perfume and didn't like any of at least ten old and new scents I tried on for him, everything from the aforementioned Shalimar, which I love, to Deci Dela by Nina Ricci, which I didn't care for either, even if it does have hazelnut in the base. The one perfume that we both loved was L'Instant by Guerlain, but the department store price was worse than the attitude of Elder Beerman's counter girl.

The happy ending is that I used DealTime to find it at a much more realistic price, even with shipping. It isn't here yet, but I can't wait!