Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"Alison Lapper Pregnant" to appear in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth will be the home of sculptor Marc Quinn's "Alison Lapper Pregnant"

The Greater London Authority will install the eleven-foot-tall marble
sculpture this year.

I regard it as a modern tribute to femininity, disability and
motherhood. It is so rare to see disability in everyday life – let alone
naked, pregnant and proud,' said artist Alison
, with whom Quinn
collaborated on the piece.

I find it encouraging that this piece was chosen-- as a rule, our
society doesn't seem to expect people with disabilities to be
comfortable with their bodies, to have sex, or to have children. This
sculpture flies in the face of those stereotypes-- in part by making
people more aware of a real-live woman with disabilities who does all of
those things, and works as an artist, besides.

Also, Alison is beautiful, and the sculpture will be, too.

Do visit the link to Mr. Quinn's gallery exibit above. He has made some
interesting statements about disability and the nature of life.

Hat Tip: Ouch!