Friday, August 26, 2005

Exerpt from the draft Constitution of Iraq

Article (30):

1st _ The state guarantees social and health insurance, the basics for a free and honorable life for the individual and the family _ especially children and women _ and works to protect them from illiteracy, fear and poverty and provides them with housing and the means to rehabilitate and take care of them. This shall be regulated by law.

Article (31):

1st _ Every Iraqi has the right to health service, and the state is in charge of public health and guarantees the means of protection and treatment by building different kinds of hospitals and health institutions.

2nd _ Individuals and associations have the right to build hospitals, dispensaries or private clinics under the supervision of the state. This shall be regulated by law.

Article (32): The state cares for the disabled and those with special needs and guarantees their rehabilitation to integrate them in society. This shall be regulated by law.

Maybe I need to move to a new democracy? (Know of any not blown up on a daily basis?)


Kira Zalan said...

If this National Assembly does not have the mindset required to produce a meaningful Iraqi constitution, then it is best to dissolve and re-elect the assembly than settle for a prop. It is more important to get it right, than to get it “right now.”

As Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari noted, “We should not be hasty regarding the issues and the constitution should not be born crippled.” The constitution must be meaningful – a living, breathing document that can be a foundation for the long road towards a real democracy in a united Iraq.

cynthia said...

Your comments are very interesting, kira. What is your opinion of the draft?

I personally find the Prime Minister's comparison of the draft to a disabled infant a bit offensive, but I do see the need to have a functional constitution. What differences would you like to see from the current version?

Lone Ranger said...

We might as well try to civilize baboons.

cynthia said...

I can't say that's very insightful.