Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Back to school week is seriously cramping our social life. Usually, by Wednesday, at least two dinner-and-a-movie nights are done. Between orientations, councellor meetings, and grumpy end-of-vacation attitudes, I haven't talked to anybody all week. I did see Char for about three minutes, only when she was running back and forth between here and my mom's. (She's trying to squeeze in a lot of time with her little disciple, Brendan, my three-year-old nephew.) So, I'm starting this blog for company between job hunting and knitting.
I've been teaching myself to knit, and haunting knitting blogs when I get frustrated. I did finish a petal dishcloth, my first knitted FO. Since I finished it, I've been working a scarf for Char-- it's four inch wide moss stitch,with six inch stripes in khaki, blue, and charcoal. The design came from a tip on one of the knitting pages about making narrow, looooong scarves for teens. the colors were inspired by a toe-socks + gloves ensemble she already has. I'm letting her think it's for me until its a couple of feet long; if she expresses approval, I'll keep going. after this, I hope to use up some baby yarn from my stash to make her a little sleeveless top.

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