Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cinema adventure re: Disabilities

I recently watched both Coming Home and The Waterdance. Jon Voight and Eric Stoltz respectively, had the lead roles in these films about post-injury rehabillitation. Each did a great job playing a person with SCI, and will join Daniel Day-Lewis(My Left Foot) among actors I do respect for trying to understand disability in order to portray it. Obviously, I'd prefer to see actors with disabilities in these roles, but at least some films address issues without focusing on pity or suicide.

I liked that both of these films (all three, actually) showed people with disabiliies living independently; doing things like working, driving cars, and having a sex life. But nearly every such character I can think of in a movie is a man. Does anybody know of any films like this, featuring disabled women?


dj's betty said...

What about Benny and Joon? She was mentally disabled. It's probably not as deep as my left foot, but I still think it's a cute flick.

cynthia said...

That's true. I loved Benny and Joon-- and I think it was a brave film to make. I think it _was_ deep, because it dealt with disability humorously-- so many films that include people with disabilities are so heavy, you know?

I think I am trying to find a cinematic reflection of myself, though, or at least my disability. I guess I'll just have to write it.

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