Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Can Teach us to Choose Joy

I've noticed lately that it seems easy for people to watch the video and say "Maybe Michael Schiavo shouldn't be able to make this decision, but I wouldn't want to live like that."  The truth is, they don't know what it's like.  They're making assumptions about how they'd feel if they lost the ability to walk, talk, or be independent. Of course it's scary to contemplate a big change in someone's health or abilities.  But I hope those of us who fight for Terri will make a difference in the way that change is seen by the world.  That's what inspired me to write "18 Ways to Live--" There is no real need for Terri's life to be bleak-- She is loved; that's the big thing.  If she is allowed to be comfortable, to experience the world, and to work toward rehabillitation, that can be a rich, fulfilling life, despite limitations.  Truthfully, all of us have limitations, and any of us can choose to find joy despite loss.


Janette Stripling said...

I completely agree. Many people have limitations. If society murdereds Terri because her "quality of life" is deemed to be lacking, who will be next?

Janette Stripling said...

"murdereds" = murders (obviously, sorry!