Monday, February 07, 2005

I Have Comments!

I am allowed at least one pathetic-blogger-moment, right? (Does Happy
Dance) I have two comments on my Blog!

Thank you Amrod and Milton, for leaving my first-ever comments. I tried to
return the favor, but was unable to find blogs or working sites for either
of you. Please do let me know if/when you have a blog for me to read-- In
the meantime, you are both on my NICE list.


Janette said...

Pick up a troll or two (especially those who make you their "Special Project") and you'll get over the thrill of comments pretty quickly.

Readers are nice, trackbacks are nice, comments (for the most part) are nice, nice e-mails are well, nice.

Hate mail? Not so nice. Profanity laden e-mails? Not so nice. Threating hate emails? We'll that really sucks!

But stick with blogging, the rewards far out weight the negatives! You meet some really great people and sometimes you can make a difference.

Keep up the good work!

cynthia said...

Hi Janette,

Haven't heard of a troll before-- what is that?

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